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Comprehensive Foreign Exchange Analysis

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  • 4CastWeb - 4CAST market analysts around the world deliver an up-to-the-minute service which allows clients to rapidly assimilate and act on key market moving information. Clients include key central banks as well as the vast majority of major financial institutions. Used by professionals in the markets, 4CAST research is noted for its objective insights into central bank policy, economic fundamentals, technical analysis and strategic information. Its analysts are also frequently quoted in the media for their views on up-coming market moving factors. 4CAST analysis is presented in a format that to this day is still unique in the on-line analysis industry.  4CAST analysis is presented in a format that to this day is still unique in the on-line analysis industry. It was founded in 1994 with the belief that the information industry was about to enter into a new world of multimedia. 4CastWeb believed that technology should be providing the solution to the global problems of information overload in the financial markets. With this in mind the four founders Ray Attrill, Brian Park, Rowland Park and Rob Whitmore created 4CAST Ltd. Now with 4CASTWEB, you can access 4CAST analysis from anywhere, keeping abreast of the analysis and staying ahead of the markets. Forex coverages includes: Intraday flow comments and strategy of European Currency moves; Weekly FX market strategy for all major currencies; Daily and weekly strategy, market flows for the following currencies : USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP, CAD, SEK, NOK, AUD, NZD, ZAR, CZK, HUF, RUB, PLN, GRD, DKK, TRL, IDR, SGD, PHP, INR, THB, CNY, TWD, HKD, MXN, BRL, VEB, ARP, COP, PEN, ECS, CLP; Options volatilities available daily: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP, Fundamental macro-economic analysis: Preview, and post data for the many countries.

  • IFR Markets (Thompson Financial) -  is the web-enabled version of IFR’s acclaimed real-time analysis, formerly Thomson Global Markets (TGM) and Technical Data. You will find enhanced functionality and customizable user-friendly interfaces not found elsewhere. Drawing on our 20+ year history and market reach from over 70 IFR analysts and reporters worldwide, IFRMarkets.com provides unbiased, acclaimed coverage of market activity, flows and sentiment across global fixed income, foreign exchange, capital markets and emerging markets. In addition to reporting on major deal terms, IFR’s unrivalled market flow analysis delivers the background and context behind each market move. This is the IFR advantage. IFR’s expert commentary is derived from the fact that many of our analysts and reporters come from the markets, offering a true trader’s perspective. Our constant interaction with insiders at the source, makes sure it is information you can act on. Plus, IFR’s real-time products are interwoven, offering insight on how events in one market will impact another, a reflection of today’s increasingly interrelated markets. Its product : IFR ForexWatch offers real-time, 24-hour commentary covering all activity and events that will impact price action in the global foreign exchange market. This includes such diverse influences as economics, technicals, flows, rumors, options, external market events and dealer positions. It is the premier source of market flow information in the currency and options marketplace. At the beginning of each trading day, IFR ForexWatch provides a comprehensive recap on overnight activities and an outlook on the day ahead. Throughout the day, a constant stream of market commentary and flow analysis informs you about what type of accounts are involved and the size of the transactions taking place, so that you take appropriate trade positions. A single page of this service can provide you with the current market price of each of the major traded currency volatility pairings-—where it is in relation to the last 12 months, whether it is expensive or not, its historic moves, and its highs and lows. Plus the 24-hour Global Traders pages contain support and resistance levels, as well as technical analysis commentary for the spot market and major crosses.

  • Informa Global Markets - Informa Global Markets combines real-time, independent market commentary and analysis, covering global sovereign debt, credit, derivatives, foreign exchange and emerging markets from MMS and MCM. Through its staff of economists, market strategists, technical analysts and market professionals located in offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, Informa Global Markets provides real-time analysis on a 24-hour a day basis. Independent views and trading ideas are combined with surveys, forecasts, calendars and technical pages, providing you with the tools you need for confident, informed decision-making. 

  • Intermoney - is IDEAglobal's premier site for global cross-market analysis for the Institutional and individual investor. Investors can access actionable analysis and forecasts on most major Currencies and Fixed Income Instruments. The analysis and forecasts provided in intermoney is sourced from IDEAglobal's research team. IDEAglobal is a market leader in the provision of independent financial analysis and forecast. Intermoney's top-to-bottom analysis of the world's most dynamic markets include specific focus on market characteristics, identification of financial flows, in-depth macroeconomic coverage, comprehensive technical analysis, and expert political-risk analysis. Its product is IDEA FxTrader. Product Brief: IDEA FxTrader highlights the key events in the foreign exchange and global markets providing forecasts and concise short-term analysis. This product is ideally tailored for corporate and individual private investors with currency exposure. Chronologically formatted to provide easy to follow 24 hour coverage of Global FX markets, IDEA FxTrader incisive, thought provoking information, likely to impact on the currency and economy of a country or region anywhere in the world. News of significant events in the currency options market and recommended FX hedging strategies allow users to consider alternative views and tactics in managing currency exposure. Features include: FX Market Snapshot: Comprehensive intra-day Market Commentary; FX Market Strategy: Daily/weekly/monthly Strategy, In-depth Analysis, Chart of the Day, Corporate Hedging Strategy, Options overview ; Economic Previews and Reviews; Global Market Overviews, Outlooks, Calendars, & Glossaries.

  • Standard & Poor - Information from an unbiased and trusted source:
    For more than 125 years, Standard and Poor's has been recognized as a world class provider of independent financial analysis and advisory services to the Wall Street community. Now they are offering that same impartial advice via the Internet for your individual investor clients. Comprehensive: Standard and Poor's capabilities include a comprehensive range of information and functionality that individual investors require. Not only do we provide the basics of Quotes, News and Charts, S&P also offers advanced capabilities. Advanced capabilities:
    Standard and Poor's can bring you to the front-of-the-pack with a range of advanced capabilities investors are seeking. We can offer capabilities and services unlike any other provider.






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