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Non-Bank Facilitators

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  • Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc.(AFEX)  - An expert in global commercial payments and foreign exchange, AFEX provides the most competitive exchange rates and the highest level of customer service and support.AFEX maintains banking relationships worldwide, conducting electronic fund transfers and issuing bank drafts in more than thirty currencies.
  • BuyFX is a patent pending web based foreign exchange provider dedicated to simplifying your foreign exchange activities and reducing your operating costs. Incorporated in 1999 by a group of individuals who have worked in the complex world of foreign exchange and real time information for a combination of over 50 years, It brings you something totally new in foreign exchange services the purchase and sale of currencies at the mid-point of the Interbank rate for a fixed fee. BuyFX saves you money every time you make an international payment or convert currencies for your own use, eliminating the spread by matching your currency needs directly to the needs of other customers around the world. 
  • Cambridge Mercantile Corp. -  understands how important it is to clients to link around-the-clock to the world's FX (Foreign Currency Exchange) trading floors. They will you get the lowest foreign currency rates, lower than bank forex rates. They don't want you to miss an opportunity to make or settle a deal. Its technology enables them to buy and sell currencies for clients in an instant, using an international network of banks in all major trading nations. In fact, International bank networks such as SWIFT enable them to wire clients payments to suppliers or collect them from other countries in moments. Also provides the clients information  of any FX market developments that may affect your business.
  • Commonwealth Foreign Exchange, Inc (COMFEX). - offers access to over 90 different currencies worldwide . Ordering a foreign currency transaction is as simple as placing a phone call to a COMFEX Account Executive. Confirmation of each trade is mailed and/or faxed directly to the client's office in a timely manner. Commonwealth Foreign Exchange utilizes the latest technology to send and track all payments allowing for better management of all international transactions. As the world becomes smaller and foreign trade increases at a record pace, Commonwealth Foreign Exchange provides the resources required by the customers to compete effectively in the global marketplace. 
  • CollinsonFX - Services: Securely buy and sell wires from your browser, save time with real-time live quotes; Its Portal gives you your own customizable homepage; Each deal transacted will be interactive with an experienced foreign exchange dealer; It believes foreign exchange payments need the human touch; deals with transactions related to goods and services and investments. There is no minimum amount, company is geared for large volumes of transactions. Register and save money with good rates and low charges.
  • Currency Specialist UK - As leading providers of commercial foreign exchange, Currency UK is dedicated to providing a first class, and comprehensive service to individuals and companies the world over. Advantages of using Currency UK: Secure the most competitive exchange rate in the market; Save hundreds or even thousands of pounds when compared with high street bank rates; Fix the rate immediately over the telephone. This rate is guaranteed regardless of fluctuations in the market; Arrange forward contracts. Guarantee a rate today to provide for a future requirement. Benefit from low cost, fast and secure currency transfers to any account worldwide; No arrangement fees.
  • Custom House Currency Exchange - one of the largest independent foreign exchange brokers in North America includes Foreign Payment Solutions, Vista Global Payment Solution, Vantage Online . Individual Services includes : Currency Exchange , Winter Visitor Program, GST Rebate Program.
  • CYS Express Exchange Pte Ltd - CYS provides a wide range of products and services to its customers, other than money-change and overseas remittances, CYS also offers FX sales and Swift transfer, travellers’ checks, demand drafts, cashier’s orders, foreign currency checks, FX forwards & hedging and special structured products to meet our clients’ financial requirements. With its established remittance network, CYS can transfer fund within the same day to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Philippines through its agents or to the rest of the world via the Swift network through its bankers. It is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct outward and inward remittance of funds. 
  • Direct FX - Get your currency needs managed in advance! Many airports, railroad stations, bus depots, and other points of entry have no currency exchange. When currency exchange is available in airports, lines can be long and rates can be "sky high". These long waits and usurious fees can be a nightmare. Direct Fx is an eBusiness community; a network of customers, banks, and fulfillment agencies that conducts and executes transactions related to currency trades. Using its technology to combine the purchasing power of all its customers enables the client to take advantage of better pricing and more options. 
  • EuroXchanger - Whether you have a personal, or business requirement, EuroXchanger can help you save money in your foreign exchange transactions and international payments.. The EuroXchanger system uses currency matching to match your currency requirement with that of other EuroXchanger clients, thereby reducing the traditional foreign exchange costs, to deliver unbeatable value. 
  • Gain Capital - provides a fast and simple way to make payments and transfer funds around the world. Its web-based payment solution is tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses and middle market corporations looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to make international payments. Features include: Make payments in more than 100 currencies; Settle in nine currencies. Competitive exchange rates; No set up costs or monthly service fees; Bank-independent - no need to change banks or accounts etc.
  • Guardian International Currency Corp - is located in Toronto, Canada, is an independently owned and operated company specializing in Foreign Currency Exchange, Wire Transfers, Foreign Drafts, Precious Metals, and American Express Travelers Cheques.
  • InterCredit, Inc. - a licensed funds transmitter proudly presents a set of tools that will help your company:  Ease the complexities of foreign exchange payments (International Payments) with its International Payment Solutions which includes Electronic Funds Transfers (E.F.T.); Foreign Bank Drafts and other services. InterCredit Inc. is an organization operating in Miami, Florida and is duly registered, bonded and licensed by the Department of Banking and Finance of the State of Florida, United States.
  • International Currency Express, Inc- is a full service foreign exchange corporation. Clients which include corporations, travel agents, tour operators, embassies, importers, law firms, accounting firms, banks, credit unions and individuals take advantage of its full line of foreign exchange services. Instead of investing in numerous expensive retail locations, International Currency Express has developed a processing center from which it efficiently services clients all across the U.S. Savings are reflected in extremely competitive rates of exchange and efficient order processing. Services include : International Payments like wires, foreign drafts; Currency and travelers checks.
  • NewMarkets International has been a leader in international ePayments since its start as Sonnet Financial in 1992. Companies worldwide, from small specialty importers to multinational corporations, rely on Sonnet to handle their foreign exchange needs quickly, efficiently, and at the best available price. NewMarkets' flagship product, FXWeb, is the world's premier web-based foreign exchange service. Used by CFOs, corporate treasurers, and cash managers in a broad spectrum of industries, NewMarkets' services are designed to help companies turn foreign markets into profitable new e-revenue opportunities.

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