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Currency Network

  • Choice FX - is one of the first, truly equitable, real-time currency trading network. Now you can use its free software to trade and/or make markets via the Internet. Choice FX challenges the status quo by allowing participants to trade amongst themselves without paying the spreads and/or mark-ups normally associated with the traditional one-to-one, "price maker" to "price taker" market. Choice FX offers a distinct advantage over its competitors empowering you to bid and/or offer your own prices while granting you equal access to the prices of others. Choice FX levels the playing field allowing prices to be determined by supply and demand and not the whims of biased market makers. Choice FX facilitates trading amongst its participants and does not make or take positions against them. Choice FX therefore offers the transparent, liquid and truly open market you have been looking for. Choice FX is the fairest trading network in existence today. Join with others like yourself and change the face of currency trading forever.
  • Currency Order Execution System or COES - was established to create an unbiased currency trading community through its COES Level 1TM Trading Platform.   COESfx, is not a market maker, nor a matching service, but provides an electronic currency network (ECN) for the execution of the best prices for buyers and sellers of foreign exchange. As an on-line ECN, COESfx currently offers traders live and executable prices.  Each participant on the network is in fact a market maker, trading on direct prices with the ability to post bids and offers through COES Level 1TM. All bids and offers are posted anonymously, arranged in order of best bid/offer and are live and executable orders to all participants on the network. This innovative ECN has been created to provide a level playing field for all traders. COES does not operate a trading desk nor do we spread or manipulate prices from our participants as others players in the FX market are known to do.  The COES pricing is derived directly from a number of partners in its network such as banks, FCMs, IBs, fund managers and every trader on our ECN. COESfx Clearing handles the clearing of trades, collecting and maintaining margins, reporting trade data, processing of new accounts and regulatory requirements and all the back office functions associated with trading through COES Level 1TM. COESfx hours of operation are Sunday through Friday 5:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.
  • Hotpot FX - Hotspot FX offers next-generation currency trading dedicated to empowering its clients with full market access. Hotspot FX is a privately held venture capital-backed company. Hotspot FX was created for the benefit of all foreign exchange participants. It provides the ability to execute transactions on a level playing field, and offer an efficient, instantaneous and low cost means of trading through its platform. Hotspot FX has a diverse client base, which includes financial institutions, corporations, hedge funds and individual investors. The Hotspot FX trading platform is a secure platform on which clients can trade spot foreign exchange. Its platform allows for instantaneous direct execution, while it maintains complete anonymity. The Hotspot FX management team has extensive experience in the foreign exchange industry. Hotspot FX team has a vast in-depth understanding of foreign exchange, averaging over 15 years of experience. Located in Watchung, New Jersey, 25 miles west of New York City, the Hotspot FX team is committed to providing the highest level of service to its client base.






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