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Bank Services

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  • Bank Austria Creditanstalt - Various options products which include Foreign Currency Option (Plain-Vanilla-Option), Ratio Spread Option , Barrier Option , Cylinder Option, Participating Option , Step Payment Option.

  • Bank Of Montreal (BMO) Currency Options - BMO Global FX Options Desk with locations in Chicago, London and New York, currently provides interbank (direct) prices.

  • Bank Of America - Standard and exotic options; 24 hour trading desk. Full range of option products including standard and exotic options and combinations. Option specialists on all sales desks to advise on hedging and trading strategies.

  • Bank SA - Foreign Currency Options :BankSA offers competitive Foreign Currency Options pricing for amounts of AUD100,000 and over in all major currencies. A Foreign Currency Option enables you to protect your business from adverse exchange rate fluctuations whilst allowing you to take advantage of any favourable movements. The value of a Foreign Currency Option is in having the right, but not the obligation, to exchange currency on a fixed date.

  • City National Bank - offers Forward Option Contracts with "Open" or "Window" Delivery Dates. These contracts have the added advantage of a range of maturity dates, providing more flexibility in timing cash flow.
  • Dredner Bank Currency Options - Currency options are ideal hedging tools, which at the same time enable you to benefit from movements in the foreign exchange market. In addition, currency options are particularly suitable for hedging against contingent risks associated with the bidding phase of tenders, for instance. By buying a currency option, you acquire the right to buy (call) or sell (put) a specified amount of the trading currency against a specified amount in the base currency, at an agreed rate. The seller (in most cases the bank) is required to settle the trade on your request. For the right to do this you pay a one-off option premium to the seller. Your currency risk is limited to the option premium. Despite fixing a hedging rate, you can benefit from exchange rate movements. This way, you combine limited capital investment for hedging with theoretically unlimited opportunities to realise a profit.

  • Fleet National Bank - Foreign currency options reduce or eliminate downside risk. Book foreign exchange transactions at your convenience in more than 35 different currencies through fleetmarkets dealing; Fleet's direct, secure web-based system. Reduce or eliminate downside risk caused by fluctuating exchange rates without sacrificing the potential to benefit from favorable exchange rate movements through Currency Options. These contracts function like currency insurance policies offering coverage now or in the future depending on the type of Option. Based on your preference, selected Currency Options can be structured with or without an up-front fee or premium.
  • Goldman Sachs - Web ET  Live FX  E-dealing in spot, forward and options.
  • HSBC Curreny Options- HSBC offers diverse hedging solutions and a broad range of currency options including vanilla, second generation, forward extra plus, risk reversal, barrier.
  • Investors Bank - The Foreign Exchange Group of Investors Bank & Trust, with operations centralized in its Global Treasury Center in Boston, is a dealer in over 70 currencies throughout the world. Its extensive CURRENCY CAPABILITY is complemented by a wide range of instruments and products designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients. Spot, Forward, Swap and Options Market Capabilities. 

  • Lloyds TSB Options - Also offers managed options. The Company is managed by Lloyds TSB Offshore Fund Managers Limited, a member of the Lloyds TSB group of companies who are one of the world's leading providers of financial services. With the benefit of the Group's resources and placing power, the Company has been a consistent performer since its introduction in 1983, aiming to generate returns well in excess of those available from comparable deposit accounts. The Company is a recognized fund as defined in the Collective Investments Funds (Jersey) Law, 1988, as amended and permits have been granted by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. The Company is a recognized scheme under Section 270 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the "FSMA") of the United Kingdom.

  • MandtBank - Offers Options Contracts which give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a foreign currency at a predetermined rate within a specified time. Foreign Exchange Options allow you to protect yourself against adverse currency movements, while retaining the potential to benefit from favorable moves. Options are particularly useful when uncertainty exists, such as bidding on foreign contracts.

  • Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich (RZB) AG is the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group. As a universal banking group it offers a comprehensive range of financial services. Derivative Products include: Average Rate Option ; Currency Option; Digital Option; Double No-Touch Option; Double One-Touch Option; European Reverse Knock-In Option; European Reverse Knock-Out Option;Forward on Call Knock-In Forward Knock-In Option; Knock-Out Option; No-Touch Option ; One-Touch Option; Participating Forward Step Payment Option; Take-Profit Option

  • Royal Bank Of Scotland Currrency Options - Various currency options services.

  • Saxobank - Provides investors with a variety of financial services, including free Real-Time quotes, charts, industry news and analysis, and online trading. Instant competitive quotes on the spot and forward rates as well as forex options.

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