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Electronic Matching System

  • Electronic Broking System - EBS Spot®TM. The leading broker of spot foreign exchange and precious metals for the interbank trading community, offering unparalleled liquidity in the professional spot foreign exchange market. Right Place, Right Amount, Right Time. The EBS Spot Dealing System gives dealers access to an efficient, reliable and low-cost broking system for spot FX and precious metals. With unrivalled price depth and liquidity in the major currencies, EBS prices are available around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In January 1990, a group of leading market-making banks decided to fund the development of an electronic broking system for interbank foreign exchange. At that time, its major objective was to provide effective competition to Reuters, then the predominant provider of screen-based foreign exchange transaction services. Since The EBS Partnership (EBS®TM) launched the EBS Spot Dealing System®TM in September 1993, it has captured a significant share of the global foreign exchange spot broking market. Today it is the world's leading electronic foreign exchange broker with 850 banks using 2,500 workstations to transact average volumes in excess of $75 billion every day. In 1996 EBS announced the acquisition of Citicorp Dealing Resources, then its exclusive supplier of technology, sales and marketing services. EBS, through its subsidiary EBS Dealing Resources (EDR), is now a fully integrated supplier of a range of transaction services operating through its global network of sales and service offices in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Frankfurt, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Madrid and Mexico. EBS Dealing Resources also owns FXNET®TM, an automated bilateral netting service, developed and owned by a separate limited partnership of world-leading market-making banks. FXNET is the first and largest netting system available to banks. Today, the EBS product range includes EBS Spot®TM, EBS Trader®TM and EBS Market DataTM.
  • Reuters Dealing 3000 - Reuters Dealing 3000 is designed for those traders who require high levels of functionality and who depend on reliable access to the Reuters dealing community. It is used principally in the interbank FX and money markets. The majority of traders utilise our matching products to trade Spot and Forward FX. In addition, Reuters Dealing 3000 is used to trade Outright FX, Deposits, FRAs, Overnight Index Swaps, Interest Rate Swaps and FX Options. In many emerging markets, Reuters Dealing 3000 has a unique position as the main provider of a peer-to-peer trading system for all the wholesale markets, including fixed income. Dealing 3000. A Great Deal. Better. In the Interbank Market trading chances come and go in seconds. You have all got your own style and your own strategies for isolating and exploiting opportunities. Now Reuters has developed a Dealing workstation that takes this into account - Dealing 3000. Reuters  spent many hours watching how you work, listening to what you need. Technology is enabling Reuters  to open up the Dealing workstation and take an important step towards a truly multi-functional desktop system. At the same time, it kept the key qualities - security and performance - that made Dealing 2000 such.





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