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Exchanges With Currency Contracts

  • Baku International Currency Exchange - The Joint-stock Closed Type Company "Baku Interbank Currency Exchange" (BICEX) was founded on June 21, 1993 by the five biggest banks of Azerbaijan Republic. The purposes of the BICEX are the following : setting up regular exchange trading to carry out currency operations; determining the market exchange rate of the Azerbaijan currency (manat) to foreign currencies; creating a mechanism for inter-state settlements; providing convertibility of the national currency; management and information service for the currency operations;settlements of transactions made at the BICEX both in national and foreign currencies; organization and carrying out exchange trading and auctions with interbank credits; organization and carrying out exchange trading with securities; depository servicing in the securities market; exchange trading with futures.

  • Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange - On October 26, 1917, exporters, businessmen, and commodity producers founded the São Paulo Commodities Exchange (BMSP). This was the first Brazilian institution to offer forward trading. With the passage of time, BMSP established a rich tradition in the trade of agricultural commodities, especially coffee, live cattle, and cotton. In July of 1985, the Mercantile & Futures Exchange (BM&F) was founded. Trading sessions commenced on January 31, 1986, and within a short time it attained a position of respect among the world's major futures exchanges by offering derivatives on varied financial assets. On April 22, 2002, the BM&F Foreign Exchange Clearinghouse initiated its activities.

  • Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) - founded in 1973, revolutionized options trading by creating standardized, listed stock options. Prior to that time, options were traded on an unregulated basis and did not have to adhere to the principle of "fair and orderly markets". The quick acceptance of listed options propelled CBOE to become the second largest securities exchange in the country and the world's largest options exchange. Today, CBOE accounts for more than 51 percent of all U.S. options trading and 91 percent of all index options trading.

  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) - The Chicago Board of Trade is the leading agricultural and financial futures and options exchange trading  and treasury notes, interest rates, spot & future foreign exchange contracts, etc and agricultural products such as corn, soybean, wheat etc  via ace electronic trading, Eurex and open outcry. Provides market news and details CBOT products, programs, and services. 

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange is an international marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of derivatives products, which trade on its trading floors, on its GLOBEX® electronic trading system and through privately negotiated transactions. The Exchange offers futures and options on futures in four basic product areas: interest rates, stock indexes, foreign exchange and commodities. The stock of its parent company trades on NYSE under the symbol CME.

  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) - HKEx is the holding company of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited. It brings together the market organisations which have transformed Hong Kong's financial services industry from a domestically focused industry to the global player it is today. HKEx went public in June 2000 following the integration of the securities and futures market. As a listed company, answerable to its shareholders, HKEx competes vigorously for opportunities in the region and around the world. It is a market-driven business, operating business-driven markets.

  • Marche a Terme Internationale de France (MATIF) - Since 1986, MATIF has offered an extensive line of derivative financial instruments that enable investors to actively manage risks related to movements in interest rates. And to address the needs of participants in European markets, it now proposes a full range of euro-denominated futures and options on interest rates, with maturities ranging from 3 months (3-month Euribor) to 30 years (30-year E-Bond). In terms of commodities, MATIF contributes to the development of the farming and agribusiness sectors with its rapeseed and milling wheat futures. It also designs and markets new products on a regular basis as part of its expansion strategy.

  • New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) - The site includes a trader's corner, trader's library (historical & reference information), industry specific commodity reports. Offer US dollar index contracts, options and futures..

  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) - Philadelphia Stock Exchange Website features latest market data, quotes, and listings for stocks, equity options, sector index options, LEAPS, and FLEX issues. Includes market news, stock and options activity, information about the PHLX and its publications, plus educational and reference resources. Offers currency options and currency futures.

  • St. Petersburg Futures Exchange - Premiere Russian exchange in four markets: currency, government securities, corporation securities, commodities and futures & options.

  • Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) - SFE Corporation Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 16 April 2002. SFE and its subsidiary companies provide exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) financial services to institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region and globally. Fully electronic and with 24-hour trading capability, SFE offers the financial market community trading products for investment and risk management, disseminates real-time and historical trading market data and provides centralised clearing, settlement and depository services for both derivative and cash products.

  • Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange (TIFFE) is a membership entity, established in April 1989 under the Financial Futures Trading Law of Japan. The purposes of TIFFE are to provide a financial futures market and conduct clearing services for its members and their customers. TIFFE has been constantly characterized as the youngest and more innovative exchange in Japan and has been making every effort to strengthen its status and role as a mother market for Euroyen futures and Yen-related interest-rate derivatives and to introduce cutting-edge technologies and systems.

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