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Foreign Exchange Associations & Organizations

  • ACI - The Financial Markets Association - was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London. In the years that followed, other national associations were formed and there are now affiliated financial markets associations in 66 countries and individual members in another 17 countries. ACI recently revised its membership criteria and removed the 'national' and 'international' categories, replacing these with a single membership category. Once the effects of these changes have been incorporated it is expected that ACI will have 'over 19,000 members. Membership, which is individual rather than corporate, is restricted to those who work for a bank or financial institution supervised or regulated by a Central Bank or recognized authority. ACI stands for "Association of Cambiste Internationale" ACIFMA is now the largest international association of wholesale financial market participants representing more than 18,000 individuals from over 81 countries, of which 65 are ACIFMA affiliates. See ACI Worldwide affiliate offices by clicking here.

  • Alternative Investment Management Association Limited - The Global, Not-for-Profit Trade Association for Hedge Funds, Managed Futures and Managed Currency Funds. Founded in 1990, AIMA represents the global alternative investment community and provides a center of knowledge for professional investment practitioners. AIMA has in excess of 560 member companies in 32 countries on five continents and creates global tools for the benefit of its members, institutional investors and regulators. It provides education, information and research and addresses the key issues affecting the industry around the world.

  • Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) - Established in 1979, AFP has become the thought leader in the treasury and financial management arena. Over the past 20 years, AFP has grown into a community of more than 14,000 financial professionals worldwide, representing different stages of their careers across a broad range of industries.

  • Association of Chartered Treasury Managers - The Association of Chartered Treasury Managers (ACTM) was promoted by the Transworld University, a non-profit corporation in the State of California, USA. ACTM is a non-profit professional body formed mainly to develop the study and practice of treasury management. The study of treasury management is based on a contemporary body of knowledge relevant to global practice. The treasury management profession is developed by ACTM on a sound foundation, through a well-defined code of ethics and standards of professional conduct for members.  

  • Association of Corporate Treasurers - The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is an organization of professionals in corporate finance, risk and cash management operating in the international marketplace. The ACT provides qualifications, finance training, conferences, The Treasurer magazine and publications in treasury, corporate finance, risk and cash management. Their website is designed as a gateway to information on all treasury matters.

  • Commodity Floor Brokers & Traders Association - Its mission is promote ethics in all its dealings with fellow members, the public, customers and employees, and will conduct themselves professionally so that their acts will be deemed in good faith and a credit to the trading profession.

  • Forex Club, Japan - is a non-commercial organization and was formed in 1964 with the objective of promoting friendship and education among members. It consist of individual "members" who belong to financial institution or quasi financial institution who deal foreign exchange. It also includes "associate members" who fall outside the categories detailed above but are involved in the foreign exchange business and who undertake to observe the principles set out in the Charter of the Forex Club, Japan and "Honorary members".

  • Forex Investment Association (FIA) - The Forex Investment Association (FIA) is a self-regulatory, non-profit organisation established by the leading role players in the mushrooming currency trading industry in South Africa. The FIA wishes to contribute to the regulation of the financial services industry in South Africa with respect to all types of investments in currency trading and currency trading products.

  • Financial Management Association International (FMA)  - Established in 1970, the FMA is a global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making. The mission of the FMA is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners, provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students, promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices, and to enhance the quality of education in finance.

  • Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is a not-for-profit association consisting of 29653 individuals around the world who are involved in financial risk management. Members come from over 100 countries, and work in regional and global banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, central banks, securities regulators, hedge funds, universities, large industrial corporations and multinationals.

  • IFCI Risk Institute - International Financial Risk Institute was established as a not-for-profit foundation under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Authorities in 1984. The founders of the Institute include the world’s leading derivative exchanges, a number of large OTC providers, auditing companies, information service providers, market regulators, certain end-users as well as the Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA). The foundation’s original mission was to provide education and information, as well as to conduct research in the fields of international financial markets, derivative financial instruments, commodity markets and related areas.

  • International Compliance Association  - association in fighting money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing. Also provide international anti-money laundering and compliance courses.

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) - The IMF is an international organization of 184 member countries. It was established to promote international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and orderly exchange arrangements; to foster economic growth and high levels of employment; and to provide temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment.

  • International Organization of Securities Commissions  (IOSCO) - The member agencies currently assembled together in the International Organization of Securities Commissions have resolved, through its permanent structures : to cooperate together to promote high standards of regulation in order to maintain just, efficient and sound markets; to exchange information on their respective experiences in order to promote the development of domestic markets; to unite their efforts to establish standards and an effective surveillance of international securities transactions; to provide mutual assistance to promote the integrity of the markets by a rigorous application of the standards and by effective enforcement against offenses

  • International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) - Global trade association  for OTC derivatives and maintainers of the industry-standard ISDA documentation. An example of ISDA related article  click here

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