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Real Time Fore Feeds Providers

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  • 4X Made Easy - You will need a third-party Level I data feed to use 4x Made Easy™. 4x Made Easy™ is powered by 4Xfeed™ Foreign Currency Exchange. It operates with a minimum 56k dial-up modem. If you are day-trading, you need to have high-speed internet access, such as DSL, ISDN, T1, T3 or cable connection to ensure real-time data.

  • Bloomberg - Bloomberg L.P. is an information services, news and media company serving customers around the world. Headquartered in New York and employing more than 8000 people in 108 offices worldwide, it provides data, quotes and news on the world's financial markets with up-to-the-minute information on equities, mutual funds, bonds, currencies. Bloomberg has forged a unique position within the financial services industry with the Bloomberg Professional service, which provides an unparalleled combination of data, analytics, electronic trading and straight-through processing tools in a single platform. By providing instantaneous access to real-time historical financial data — and the ability to act on it — Bloomberg transformed the securities business and leveled the playing field between buyers and sellers. Its clients include the world's central banks, investment institutions, commercial banks, government offices and agencies, corporations and news organizations.

  • CQG is an innovative real-time, graphic-enhanced quotation vendor - the only vendor that inserts all exchange corrections in real time to provide accurate, integrated information to traders for decision support. We provide sophisticated software and efficient, reliable market data, including: U.S. and foreign futures and options; Foreign exchanges; U.S. and foreign government bonds; Government and industry reports and indices; More than 9,000 of the most actively traded U.S., Japanese, and European equities. The floors of NYMEX, CBOT, CME, and NYBOT, as well as other world exchanges, have relied for years on CQG for its user-friendly system interface, its superior customer support, and the most accurate data in the industry.

  • CSI Market Data And Software - CSI is a low-cost provider of stock, commodities, options, forex,  indices, funds, COT, and economic data for the analysis of financial markets. Also offer powerful charting software at an unbeatable price.

  • E-Signal - Leading provider of real-time market data to the investor. Includes quotes, charts, chat, online trading, government news, and SEC documents. The eSignal business unit (eSignal) is the retail arm of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC). Building on a 20-year legacy of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides real-time market data and decision support tools to active investors. Defining the focus and direction for eSignal's development of its retail investor products and services, eSignal's goal is to become the leading one-stop service provider to active and professional traders.  E-Signal Turbo Feed - TurboFeed delivers pricing for all U.S. and Canadian Stocks, Options, Futures and Commodities, including FOREX. 

  • Everest™  is a high quality charting and live data feed package offering traders access to virtually all of the world's financial markets including the Interbank Forex market. Using real time quotes, traders can access charts of any time, length, and style and apply a wide array of technical indicators and drawing tools 24 hours a day. Everest™ charting software displays information on your screen in workspaces. Workspaces are made up of as many various components (such as Charts, News feeds, Quote boards, Tickers, and Clocks) that you want to include, and each component can be arranged, modified, and saved individually. Once saved, your layouts are there every time you open the application, saving you time and letting you analyze data the way you want to. 

  • Forexrate.co.uk - Providing daily currency trading news via an rss news feed, live forex charts and free forex historical data downloads

  • Infotec - Providing  real-time market information and technology solutions to banks, brokers and financial organizations. Offering  trader workstation software, browser-based applications, market data interfaces and consulting services. The services are designed for real-time information distribution within large financial institutions, over corporate Intranets or on the Internet. Infotec offers two highly sophisticated Windows-based financial workstations: MarketMap is a professional trader workstation for trading rooms, portfolio managers and investment advisors in banks and financial institutions.WebTrader is a sophisticated technical analysis and charting workstation for professionals who need powerful dynamically updated technical tools.
  • Money Line Telerate -  Moneyline Telerate is a leading global provider of real-time information and transaction services. Formed from Moneyline's acquisition of Telerate in October 2001, Moneyline Telerate brings together decades of expertise in market data with a strong track record in transaction enablement.

  • Netdania - Aiming to develop various kind of server modules, components and advanced presentation tools that can be easily integrated and used on financial web sites. As all decisions taken in the financial markets are based on price movements and analysis of historical information, our focus in the Years ahead will primarily be to combine our huge financial historical database with the development of various software tools and modules, which can help identifying interesting investment opportunities and structure this information in a friendly and usable way. Provider of tools and server modules for financial portals. 

  • Tenfore - Tenfore provides you with very affordable financial market and business information such as quotes, charts in real-time  24 hours a day. Streaming data from major exchanges in Europe and North America in addition to a range of banks, brokers and news agencies. Flexible and user friendly software offering an array of features and functionalities giving you a powerful business tool which can be customized to meet your personal needs and requirements with very little effort.

  • Reuters - Reuters is a leading global information company providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets. In January 2002, It acquired Bridge, a leading provider of business and financial data and information. Nearly 500,000 financial market professionals working in the equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, money, commodities and energy markets around the world use Reuters products. 

  • Standard & Poor - Information from an unbiased and trusted source: For more than 125 years, Standard and Poor's has been recognized as a world class provider of independent financial analysis and advisory services to the Wall Street community. Now, S & P is offering that same impartial advice via the Internet for your individual investor clients. Its capabilities include a comprehensive range of information and functionality that individual investors require. Not only do S & P provides the basics of Quotes, News and Charts, it also offers advanced capabilities and services services unlike any other provider.





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