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Forex Trading Systems

  • Place Your Site Here - Increase your website visibility and attract more traffic and customers.   
  • 4X Made Easy - Large Banks and major corporations have been diversifying their portfolios by trading in the exciting Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)-- now you can too! It's easy with 4X Made Easy™. Its trend recognition software program delivers potential entry/exit trading signals. With its easy to read Red Light - Green Light indicator system, you can start making powerful currency trading choices fast.
  • Alarm Trades Currency Forex Forecast System - offers you the ability to have your life back and still trade in the forex market profitably.  You will be updated to the potential buys and sells in the forex market to any pager of SMS wireless phone in the world .  Alarm Trades provides entry prices for the four major currency pairs and does it with the latest 4xCharts indicators.  There is no reason to stare at a monitor all day again.  There is also no reason to ever miss a good trade.  Alarm trades will watch the market for you. The AlarmTrades package is also for those who want to have the trade indicators sent to their cell phone or pager without having to purchase the full charting package.

  • BrainTrading System - is a  predictive methodology (indicator package) to buy bottoms, sell tops, determine trend and trend reversals, was originally developed by BrainTrading Solutions for the Forex markets. The BrainTrading ™ System methodology can be applied to any market, any time frame, and is as timely and accurate on FOREX markets, Futures, Bonds, Equities and Commodities.

  • Computrade - provides a powerful currency trading software that helps the clients to determine precisely when to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. Utilising Real-time Currency Trading software and its state of the art Real-time FX Training Simulator - its Forex experts, will demonstrate proven techniques and strategies of how to trade in the Currency Market.
  • Dollar Trader - Trade the currencies with intermediate term program.

  • Fabrefactum FXSignal - the new signal generator specifically designed for the Forex Markets. As more and more investors have been drawn to the liquidity of the Forex markets, many remain unable to transition from other markets or are simply unable to consistently make profits based on a few major indicators.  New Version:  FXSignal v.2.3 is now available.  Now you can download data directly from our live feed for up to 72 hours worth of data for automatic use in FXSignal.  Maximize your time and spend more of it trading! FXSignal was designed for the new trader who is looking for a place to start in technical analysis as well as the experienced trader who can use the program for confirmation.  

  • FATS - Forex Automatic Trading Systems - the future of electronic trading and investing. FATS is a website dedicated to the development and investment of Forex Automatic Trading Systems.

  • Forex Breakout - was developed by a small group of experienced traders whose greatest disappointments came from not being there to trade when the opportunities were available. Fast and informative, Forex Breakout is a unique service that keeps traders connected to the market 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It delivers when support and resistance levels are broken or the momentum of the market has intensified.  Using today's top communication and technology, Forex Breakout can update a trader via any wireless method that accepts email text messaging.  Forex Breakout gives you the information you need, when you need it.

  • Forex Day Trading System - Trading currencies learning system. Day trading system that provides entry and exit levels.

  • Forex Day Trading Systems - Trading Systems and Strategies. Find Forex Training, Charts, Courses, Books, Signals, News, Brokers, Insights and more! 

  • Forex Manager - Forex Manager's mission is to serve and educate investors of all levels on the forex market using the ForexMgr Pivot Strategy, the ForexMgr FX Desktop Alert application and other tools available to Forex traders. We are comprised of a community of investors, who are excited about the forex market and want an environment to share our ideas and to help our colleagues become successful traders and to achieve a common goal - to make PIPs!

  • Forex-MHV - Forex Advanced Trading Signal System-Performance. Forex traders using its forex advanced signal system with specific entry and exit strategies has an trading advantage in the forex market.

  • FOREX YARD - Forex Trading Online - Currency brokers offering a forex trading system.

  • Fuzzy Expert for Forex - is the latest product from FXP Stock and is an expert system for forex trading which does technical analysis in real time using a fuzzy logic based rule system. The comprehensive set of rules was designed by experts and combines the results of a whole series of technical indicators to arrive at a high quality evaluation of the momentary trading behaviour for each of the main currency pairs in five levels from strong buy to strong sell every 10 seconds. It provides valuable assistance to both experienced professionals and private traders in making their trading decisions.

  • FX-Dealer -Offering what you need for successful trading : Web page with entry/exit orders and on-line dealer chat. Professional   charts with mechanical trading systems.

  • FXEngines - is the world's first hosted, automated forex trading platform. Register for your 15 day free trial to witness the power an automated system can bring to your trading efforts. Create, back-test, and trade your own system hands-free with complete confidence in the consistency and reliability of the FX Engines trading platform. Welcome to the future of trading!

  • FX-Quant - Innovative quantitative Forex trading system. Trading signals service and auto trading program.

  • FX-Strategy - provides independent traders, portfolio managers and foreign exchange dealers with online currency analysis and training in the global currency market.  Using back-tested, proprietary Schaff Trading Signals, FX-Strategy captures significant moves in the 24-hour foreign exchange markets. At FX-Strategy investors and traders learn to make trading decisions using the FX-Strategy system.     

  • GFT Market Mentor™ - is a complete system that produces results you can trade. It includes Market Mentor™ Pivots and Turning Point Analysis to help you find the best times to trade. Market Mentor offers training, daily pivot points, and top/down multi-time period analysis (medium/short/minor), along with step-by-step methods that short term traders and more active day traders can use to recognize the best times and levels to trade. Short term traders will appreciate being alerted to the daily support and resistance levels that MM Pivots provide indicating buying and selling points, risk levels, and short/medium/long term bias. Long term traders will benefit from the long term trading strategies indicated in MM Pivots, and also the dynamic cycle analysis inside of the MM Turning Point Forecasts. 

  • Prime-Line - Two things set the Prime-Line Method™ apart from conventional market analysis: 1) A proprietary dynamic wave form price-time core structure based upon geometric proportions of constancy of change. 2) A fractal methodology of replication and continuity.

  • Nostradamus Systems Ltd. - The service gives the intraday trader a framework on which to base his own decisions, and to help him enter, maintain and exit positions for maximum profits. leading user of this system maintain that they have their own views about the market and use Nostradamus to strengthen their confidence, and finesse the timing of any position they chose to take. The company is a pioneering UK Limited Company formed to market the results of network predictions of foreign exchange and future markets.

  • Traders Club Multiple Forex Trading Systems - Provides numerous forex trading systems which include Empire Eurodollar Trading System; Crossbow Swiss Trading System; Strategic Swiss Trading System; Katsu Yen Trading System; First Sword Yen Trading System; 711 Yen Trading System. All systems are price at $250.00 each.

  • The Trading Consultant System developing a cutting edge Charting/SMS Alert system, a system aiming to  "read" the movements of the currency charts, automatically, 24 hours a day.  Its charts are based on a complex algorithm which combines a number of technical indicators all interacting and working together to produce our desired result, the Entry Generating Indicator or EGI. The charts primarily feature directional arrow indicators that suggest when the markets are set up for a trend move and the optimum price to enter and direction. The trader can then execute the recommendation on his dealing platform at the suggested target price. There is an optional SMS alert system to notify you of impending moves even when you are away from your computer. 

  • Trading Training System - Trade currencies on the forex market with a day-trading system that gives entry and exit signals.

  • Wyckoff  V S A - is a Real Time and End-of-Day expert trading system, producing automatic signals of surprising accuracy.  The system is based on sound and well-tested theories first put forward by Richard D. Wyckoff in 1932 on how to read and trade the 'tape'.  Wyckoff V S ATM is suitable for trading individual stocks, options, currencies, futures or commodities. Signals are based on supply and demand (volume) and the activities of the main players on the other side of the trade. Wyckoff VSATM is a  flagship product  of TradeToWin.com .





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