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Private Tutorial/ Coaching

  • Straight Forex Training - Complete online forex training program, includes: one-o-one coaching, live conference room and online forex course.
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  • CMS Realtime Coaching - If you are actively trading, no matter how much experience you have, you can benefit from personal one-to-one mentoring and coaching - in real time. Perhaps, you have experienced a recent large draw-down; or perhaps you have had a series of trade losses. Or more commonly, you just want to touch base and get a "third-eye" on the market. Then CMS's real-time coaching is for you. It will take you to a more professional level in Forex trading. Here is how it works. You get to chat with CMS Forex training expert, who will evaluate your last-completed trade and during a series of 1 hour chats, you will focus on improving your market understanding. You will also be able to test out new tactics using CMS demo platform - before you expose them to real trading. You will learn new indicators and how to reduce overtrading and trading without a game-plan. Cost - we will simply add $15 commission per round-turn trade to your account - for 2 months minimum and as long as you log into the private tutoring and chatting sections and do not notify CMS that you are able to trade on your own. First chat and evaluation is free.

  • Forex Advisor - Live FX Trading Advisory and Trader Coaching Service. You have to experience it to believe it. See for yourself what their forex coaching, laser targeted to the client's individual fx training needs, will do to improve his trading. Every new Forex Advisor Live! paid subscriber receives an Introductory 30 minute FREE Forex Coaching session on any forex trading topic of your choice. (value $45). Experience firsthand  highly knowledgeable, seasoned and successful forex trader coaches.

  • FX Trainer - Benefit from personal one-on-one mentoring and coaching in real time. Practice with real data and quotes on state-of-the-art trading software. During its courses, there is an atmosphere in which the client can concentrate and have your questions answered quickly, which is important now that FX Trainer offer live trading in the classroom! Client will participate in live trading with the instructor and call the trades. Client will be able to practice the techniques and tactics on the computer trading station, using the same trading platform software as the instructor.

  • Learn Forex Private Tutoring -All students should definitely consider getting some private tutoring from one of Lear Forex's qualified Instructors. Private, one-on-one tutoring (mentoring) from an experienced Forex trader is available to students in-person or by telephone and is designed to reinforce/build on concepts taught in the ForexOne Currency Trading Course™. In some cases, students must have two telephone lines in order to communicate with the Instructor on one line while viewing the market/charts via the internet on the second line. Other students may have an internet phone allowing them to speak on the phone via the internet. The goal is for the student and Instructor to both see the same information (charts, dealing prices, etc.) on their screens while engaging in live, interactive learning. Most students will be given homework or specific exercises to practice and hone their trading skills until the next tutoring session. This training is by appointment only and billed at an hourly rate with discounts available to LearnForex members. 

  •  Straight Forex Training - Complete online forex training program, includes: one-o-one coaching, live conference room and online forex course.





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