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  • Place Your Site Here - Increase your website visibility and attract more traffic and customers.   
  • 4CastWeb - 4CAST market analysts around the world deliver an up-to-the-minute service which allows clients to rapidly assimilate and act on key market moving information. Clients include key central banks as well as the vast majority of major financial institutions. Used by professionals in the markets, 4CAST research is noted for its objective insights into central bank policy, economic fundamentals, technical analysis and strategic information. Its analysts are also frequently quoted in the media for their views on up-coming market moving factors. 4CAST analysis is presented in a format that to this day is still unique in the on-line analysis industry. 

  • Atlantica Associates   - Euro investment, Investing in Euro, Dollar Euro Yen exchange rate research and forecasts, G7 and IMF issues and economic issues.  

  • Daily Fx provides three free real-time forex charting packages. Also provides fundamental analysis plus technical levels for the major currency pairs and fx research reports from many banks. It is an arm of Forex Capital Markets (FXCM).

  • De Rosa Research &Trading, Inc.-  a registered Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodities Pool Operator (CPO) offering a full range of sophisticated investment products, services and consulting. Dr. De Rosa received his Ph.D. in the fields of Finance and Economics from the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago and received his A.B. in Economics from the College of the University of Chicago. De Rosa writes a thrice-weekly column for Bloomberg News on international finance and politics. He was Adjunct Professor of Finance at  Yale University, School of Management.   De Rosa teaches graduate courses in International Finance, Foreign Exchange and Related Derivative Instruments, and Analysis of Financial Policy in Emerging Market Nations.

  • FxMax - was founded by Mr Clifford Bennett in July 2002, to provide effective foreign exchange research and management services to institutions and individuals. Mr Clifford Bennett is internationally respected as an insightful commentator and strategist on global economic trends and Fx markets. With 20 years of analysis and trading experience with some of the world’s premier investment banks, he is widely quoted in the international press, and appears regularly on Bloomberg and CNBC television. 
  • FX-Recommends - gives you what you need about the concerning economic indicators and a grasping of what they are and how they act and what they could be and according to all what is surrounding them in the market at the economic and the political conditions Weekly, Monthly, quarterly and yearly. They are remarked in their trading and look after the news and the economics for short term, mid term and long term strategies. That is beside that they give you the analysis and the grasping of each part of the economic cycles and its concerning economical indicators and how it should be and effect and be effected and its acknowledgements.

  • FX-Tarmax - specializes in studying market behaviour, it provide a Free Foreign Exchange Forecasting Service for corporate/individual traders. Its  mission is to assist currency traders in achieving their financial goals. The demand for one country’s currency in terms of another country’s currency is determined by real economic factors. In order to forecast the FX rate, FX Tarmax focus on relative inflation, growth, interest rates, trade and investment flows between countries. FX-Tarmax closely monitors announcements of new economic statistics on the major world economies. By analysing market behaviour, it take advantage of differences between equilibrium and disequilibrium levels of one country's economy, then place its trades.

  • FX Today - The very latest news, analysis and strategies from the global currency markets. Also includes live quotes, charts and E-mail support.

  • FXVolResearch - FxVolResearch is a private research and consultancy firm that focuses on the foreign exchange cash & options Markets. It cover sixteen currency pairs in three graphical databases. In their Market Commentary & Analysis section we combine statistical & technical analysis, Elliot wave theory, along with fundamental economic indicators in formulating our trade and risk management ideas.

  • IFR Markets (Thompson Financial) -  is the web-enabled version of IFR’s acclaimed real-time analysis, formerly Thomson Global Markets (TGM) and Technical Data. Its product - IFR ForexWatch offers real-time, 24-hour commentary covering all activity and events that will impact price action in the global foreign exchange market. This includes such diverse influences as economics, technicals, flows, rumors, options, external market events and dealer positions. It is the premier source of market flow information in the currency and options marketplace. 

  • Informa Global Markets - combines real-time, independent market commentary and analysis, covering global sovereign debt, credit, derivatives, foreign exchange and emerging markets from MMS and MCM. Through its staff of economists, market strategists, technical analysts and market professionals located in offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, Informa Global Markets provides real-time analysis on a 24-hour a day basis.

  • Intermoney - is IDEAglobal's premier site for global cross-market analysis for the Institutional and individual investor. Investors can access actionable analysis and forecasts on most major Currencies and Fixed Income Instruments. Intermoney's top-to-bottom analysis of the world's most dynamic markets include specific focus on market characteristics, identification of financial flows, in-depth macroeconomic coverage, comprehensive technical analysis, and expert political-risk analysis. 

  • International Harry Schultz Letter - HSL (International Harry Schultz Letter) is the world's premier international investment, financial, economic, geopolitical, privacy, sociological and philosophical newsletter. HSL is now in its 39th year with subscribers in 80 nations. In addition to decades of money-making investment advice in all major world stock, bond, commodities, and currencies markets. Based in Switzerland, HSL is one of the few truly international investment newsletters. Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCPR, KCSA, KCSS, is one of the highest paid investment consultant in the world at US$2,400-3,400 per hour on weekends (International Guiness Book of records 1981-2000).

  • Investica Ltd. - Offering an independent service to all organizations and investors needing economic and currency analysis, forecasts, commentary, investor support and consultancy services. Specializes in the global currency market, including daily strategic analysis, market commentary and long-term budget rates. Also offering a strategic and independent consultancy service with comprehensive coverage of the key major and emerging markets.

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