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General Trading Systems

  • Place Your Site Here - Increase your website visibility and attract more traffic and customers.   
  • Market Technologies Corporation - Trend Forecasting Software. For nearly twenty-five years, Market Technologies has developed leading-edge investment tools for traders seeking to maximize their financial gains and minimize their trading losses.  Founded in 1979 by Louis B. Mendelsohn, the prominent technical analyst and investment trading software pioneer, Market Technologies Corporation was first to introduce strategy back testing software for personal computers with its ProfitTaker software in 1983.  By the mid-1980’s, Mr. Mendelsohn’s concepts had become the backbone of computerized technical analysis.

  • MrSwing - Mr Swing provides people with tips on how to improve their stock market trading methods. Offers 6 paid for newsletters with the different aspects of swing trading: MasterSwings, OptionSwings, QQQ Swings, SPY-OEX Swings, DIA Swings and SMH Swings. 

  • OEX Trader - OEX, Gann, Market Timing, Market Analysis, Mechanical Trading Sytems, Futures, Zubee, Market Timing.

  • QQQ Trading System - QQQ timing signals with 10-20 conservative trades in a year. 112 % over the past 12 month.

  • TradeStation - Trading platform that it enables you to design, historically test and optimize your own custom trading strategies before you risk a penny of trading capital.
  • Trend Channel - is a multi trading system applicable to forex trading, stocks, commodity and futures trading with specialization on capitalizing on major trends. Futures Truth Magazine (March,  2003) Reports: Trendchannel is the #1 Ranked Multi-Market Futures Trading System – trading 3 or more markets. Tracked by Futures Truth in real-time trading, the Trendchannel Portfolio has returned 86.5% average per year over the past 5 years.

  • The Peak Trading System™  - is trendreflection.com short-term retracement program. The system determines the direction of the trend and formulates a mirror image of the true market structure. The system uses proprietary trend algorithms and filters to determine the true nature of the trend on a short-term basis. The Peak system buys dips in an uptrend and sells rallies in a downtrend based off support and resistance. The system automatically discovers a trend, implements support and resistance, identifies the entry bar, protects the position, Locks in profits. 

  • Trade Vision - Trade Vision provides training for electronic day traders who utilize SOES, Island, Selectnet, Level II real time quotes, and dynamic, comprehensive charting.

  • Trend Momentum™ - is trendreflection.com's medium-term trading system and uses proprietary break out algorithms to determine entry points for momentum trades that trade with trend. The problem with most breakout programs is the amount of false breakouts that occur and the large stops required to trade these breakouts. Trend Momentum trades breakouts with the trend thereby considerably reducing false breakouts and allowing the individual trader to use small manageable stops to capture profits. The determination of trend is realized using Trend Reflection’s Trend Filter. The Trend Momentum system automatically: Discovers a Trend, Identifies and Trades Breakouts with the Trend, Protects positions & locks in profits, Trades a diversified portfolio (28 markets) resulting in a smoother equity curve, Uses small manageable stops. 
  • Trend Reflection™ - is a Financial Trading System Software Company serving individual and professional traders worldwide since 1996. Company offers traders a 100% objective computer based approach to trading today's Forex, futures and commodities markets that is simple to implement. The programs offer diversification among a basket of commodities in the grains, softs, metals, currencies, petroleum products, financials, and interest rate group.

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