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Non-Bank Advisors

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  • Atlantica Associates LLC - Consulting on European Monetary Union (EMU), Forex and currency risk advice for emerging markets are others.
  • Basic Forex & Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - The company's primary objective is to provide total market-risk management solutions to corporates, exporters, importers and bank treasuries. It offers the full range of foreign exchange  and risk management services viz providing data and value-added information, day-to-day currency and interest rate exposure advisory, strategic consultancy, risk management consultancy, risk audit , software & systems support and education/training. The company has been formed by a group of treasury veterans, with decades of cumulative experience in forex trading, precious metals trading, risk management, consulting, bank treasury, corporate treasury, international banking & trade finance.
  • DeRosa Research and Trading, Inc. - is a registered Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodities Pool Operator (CPO) offering a full range of sophisticated investment products, services and consulting. Areas of Specialization: Commodities Trading Advisor; Consulting; Foreign Exchange and Relative Derivative Instruments; Risk Control and Monitoring Global Asset Management and Hedge Fund Management; Educational Seminars.

  • Forex Capital Management - Specializes in speculation and risk management services. Free historical database and trading software.

  • Forex Manage - founded in London in July 2000. The company specializes in the area of online forex portfolio and risk management. The company has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of finance and risk.

  • FX Defusion - FX Risk Software For Every Size of Company. Businesses ranging from multinational corporations to middle-market companies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face foreign exchange risk under different guises as they conduct international business operations. FXDefusion's Web-based applications help corporate managers recognize and measure foreign exchange exposures, enabling them to take appropriate countermeasures with the assistance of their bankers and financial advisors. Recognizing currency exposures is the first step in managing foreign exchange risk. FXDefusion provides financial officers and other senior managers with a comprehensive view of currency exposures arising from import-export activity, international operations and financial transactions such as foreign currency loans, automatically and continuously updated with rates from FXDefusion's real-time foreign exchange price feed from Tenfore.

  • FXOTICA - launched in 2000 Its mission was to provide companies in emerging markets with information on currencies and tools to manage FX risk. Fxotica have widened its focus to the challenges and opportunities in African business development.

  • FXMAX  - is the first firm in the world to provide fully committed track record driven “virtual” investment management and currency overlay solutions. Clients stay in control. FxMAX provides the trading solutions that are specific to the customers.   Clifford Bennett, well known market commentator and founder of FxMAX, has nearly two decades of experience in delivering successful Fx trading and advisory services to the world’s largest corporations and funds. This experience, combined with a nimble and aggressive approach to markets, delivers superior performance in order to maximize your market power. FxMAX provides ahead of the pack global market analysis, real world trading levels, and daily position monitoring, tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • FX-Quant - Innovative quantitative Forex trading system. Trading signals service and auto trading program.

  • GK Investment Customized Management Customized Research - provides the output from its proprietary models to investment management and corporate clients. This research is provided through a private, web-based information platform and is customized to the exact specifications of the client. The information platform is available in real time and can be accessed with "One Click" functionality. The following customized information is available through the on-line information platform:Current market position for all portfolio currencies; Prices to implement hedges in the current market; Benchmark performance; Hedging program performance; Completed transactions; Mark-to-market reports; Performance graphs; This powerful information platform is the only one of its kind available in the currency risk management arena.

  • Halewood International Market Strategies (HIMS) is a unique consultancy, which specializes in providing corporate with 'real-time' market intelligence and strategies to manage commercial foreign exchange risk more effectively. Its aim is to protect you from exchange rate volatility and optimise the timing of your transactions with your existing bank or broker. In addition they monitor and 'regulate' both spot and forward prices offered by banks and brokers. As a consultancy, HIMS aim is to complement your relationship with your bank, however, in doing so HIMS focus on being proactive rather than reactive and ensure that you receive a competitive service. HIMS provide in-depth expertise in global forex management with a single aim - to protect you from foreign exchange risk. HIMS maintains constant market vigilance with all your specific requirements in mind. 
    li>InterCredit, Inc. - Foreign exchange continues to be one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools for increasing competitiveness and profitability. InterCredit, Inc., a licensed funds transmitter proudly presents a set of tools that will help your company:  Ease the complexities of foreign exchange payments (International Payments);  Minimize Financial Risk; Use Foreign Exchange as a profitability tool. InterCredit Inc. is an organization operating in Miami, Florida and is duly registered, bonded and licensed by the Department of Banking and Finance of the State of Florida, United States.
  • International Monetary Exchange, Inc. is a financial outsource corporation in the field of foreign currency exchange (FX). IMEX clients are shown how properly managed currency transactions can enhance their international business. IMEX advises its clients of current rates and market conditions. In addition it offer experienced guidance regarding hedging and trading strategies.
  • Investica Ltd - Economic analysis and forecasts service to financial organizations. Specialise in country risk analysis, financial research and Forex market.
  • Jameson International Foreign Exchange Corporation is a Canadian-based financial services firm founded in 1989 by James Lau. Jameson International focuses on providing tailored, cost-effective foreign exchange, hedging and cash management services to exclusively with the business community. Jameson’s Head Office and Trading hub are located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Regional Customer Service offices are maintained in Montreal, Ottawa, London and Calgary. Jameson has over 3,500 clients and currently clears over $3 billion in transactions a year.
  • JICM- provides Offshore Treasury, Offshore Investment, and Currency Trading Services to financial brokers; independent traders; importers and exporters; and, private investors.JICM is the only regulated enterprise of its kind in the South African marketplace, and only partners with organisations that are themselves regulated and reputable. This ensures absolute integrity in both the products and services that JICM offers. JICM boasts a team of traders and brokers with specialist knowledge and experience of the markets, and who employ internationally proven trading practices and principles.

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