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Technical Analysis & Forecast

  • Place Your Site Here - Increase your website visibility and attract more traffic and customers.   
  • Euronet.nl Currency Trading Signals - Operated by Gerard Bergsma, age 46 with 25 years experience in trading in the foreign exchange market. Mr. Bergsma has previously worked for several leading banks, including ING Bank, Barclay's Bank and Bank of America. Mr. Bergsma is a spot market specialist with an emphasis on technical and fundamental factors. Provide daily forecasts.
  • Forex Analytics - At Forex Analytics it has  a simple and straight forward approach to forex trading and our products. In basic terms it believe in "KIS" concept; "keep it simple"../FX New/ (and sensible). To this end it offer low cost, straightforward trading data and information to Forex traders. Its methods of market analysis are based largely on quantitative analytical techniques rather than purely technical (of fundamental) approaches which lend themselves to interpretive rather than objective opinion. While technical tools such as Gann and Elliot Wave analysis, for example, may have validity, they along with many forms of chart analysis as simply too subjective for our purposes. At the same time those who do use analytical methods of this type will certainly find value in our own quantitative methodology and data.
  • Forex Breakout - was developed by a small group of experienced traders whose greatest disappointments came from not being there to trade when the opportunities were available. Fast and informative, Forex Breakout is a unique service that keeps traders connected to the market 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It delivers when support and resistance levels are broken or the momentum of the market has intensified.  Using today's top communication and technology, Forex Breakout can update a trader via any wireless method that accepts email text messaging.  Forex Breakout gives you the information you need, when you need it.
  • Forex-DTS - Changing the way forex is traded. Every evening, New York time, it post the Trade Forecast for the next trading session. This Forecast consists of the trading range of the four major currencies for the next 24 hours (Euro, Swiss, Pound, Yen) as well as the direction to trade, long or short. Free trial for two weeks.
  • Foreign Exchange Management - by Louis Grosjean based in Switzerland. . Attention to detail - Discipline - Patience. Success in the foreign exchange markets can only be achieved by adhering strictly to the above principles. In this business one cannot be too precise, disciplined and patient. Nevertheless, if one is prepared to respect these virtues one has automatically set the foundation for success. To find out more about Louis Grosjean's technique please contact him so that you can arrange a personal discussion.
  • Forex Forecast Group - Providing forex forecast instrument USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD with high level of correct forex forecast. FF Group is a Forex Forecast company. FF Group offers a lowest  forex forecast subscription fee with a highest accurate forex forecasting services. FF Group helps you to stop losing your entire Forex account from your dealers or brokers. 
  • Forexing.com - focuses on the statistical analysis of daily trading ranges of currency pairs.  Forexing.com collects daily data at 21:00 GMT  on several currency pairs, crunches the data using a proprietary formula, and provides what it believes to be reasonably accurate next day Normal Distribution patterns.  Along with this a color-coded Predictor is given.  A Rising Predictor considers long positions, a Falling Predictor considers short positions, and a Mixed Predictor is not considered. 
  • Forex -MHV  Trading Signals - forex entry signals-Forex traders using its forex advanced signal system with specific entry and exit strategies can win trade after trade in the forex market.
  • Forex Predictions - Forex Predictions.com is a division of RDC Bancorp, Inc., a foreign exchange services company. The forecasting service provided on this site uses a number of market experiences attained over the years. These observations are quantified and run through a computer model to generate the high and low predictions.
  • Forex TRM - Forex Trade Risk Management. ForexTRM is a Sigma Bands™ charting service for the currency markets using a contrarian strategy. Four types of charts are used to help in determining when and how to handle your trading decisions: curvilinear envelopes, Sigma Bands™ (sometimes called channels), cyclical decomposition charts and signal band charts.
  • Forex Strategy Team - Forex Strategy - Daily forex forecast and analysis. Trading Strategy, Entry and Exit. Headed by Angel Kolev.
  • Forex Technical Analysis is a provider of trading signals for individuals and financial institutions. Provide trading signals and award winning market analysis.

  • Forex Trader Club - A currency traders club providing instant trading recommendations. Earn while you learn with professional traders. Club chat and trader advice.

  • Forex Watcher - Providing technical indicators data, price ranges, candlestick charts, etc. also in Japanese language.

  • Fuzzy Expert for Forex - is the latest product from FXP Stock and is an expert system for forex trading which does technical analysis in real time using a fuzzy logic based rule system. The comprehensive set of rules was designed by experts and combines the results of a whole series of technical indicators to arrive at a high quality evaluation of the momentary trading behaviour for each of the main currency pairs in five levels from strong buy to strong sell every 10 seconds. It provides valuable assistance to both experienced professionals and private traders in making their trading decisions.

  • FX24 - FX24 was founded in December 1989 by its present CEO and Chief Currency Analyst, Howard Wright. Howard Wright's analytical techniques have evolved over the years from his experience as a currency trader. Provides technical analysis & trading service on foreign exchange, gold & equity [stock indices] markets with on-line trading strategies and twice-weekly text market report for the short, medium & long term.

  • FX-Capital - Forex Capital, is a well-established foreign exchange company founded by talented, experienced and devoted financial consultants.  The founder of the company, utilizes his previous international Foreign Exchange and Capital Markets experience to build and secure a stronghold on the FX market. Provides daily technical forecast.

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