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World's Top 30 Options And Futures Exchanges

  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX) - The second largest options exchange in the world. Trades equity, index, sector and FLEX options. Contains product information, market data, and educational content. 

  • Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (BM&F) - Brazil's Commodities and Futures Exchange offers info on its history, services, contracts, investor resources, member search, and daily bulletin.

  • Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo (BOVESPA) - Overview of the BOVESPA and its markets, quotes and indexes, listed companies, brokerage houses, and publications. In English and Portuguese. Includes rading data, securities information, publications about the San Paulo Stock Exchange.

  • Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) - founded in 1973, revolutionized options trading by creating standardized, listed stock options. Prior to that time, options were traded on an unregulated basis and did not have to adhere to the principle of "fair and orderly markets". The quick acceptance of listed options propelled CBOE to become the second largest securities exchange in the country and the world's largest options exchange. Today, CBOE accounts for more than 51 percent of all U.S. options trading and 91 percent of all index options trading.

  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) - The Chicago Board of Trade is the leading agricultural and financial futures and options exchange trading  and treasury notes, interest rates, spot & future foreign exchange contracts, etc and agricultural products such as corn, soybean, wheat etc  via ace electronic trading, Eurex and open outcry. Provides market news and details CBOT products, programs, and services. 

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange is an international marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of derivatives products, which trade on its trading floors, on its GLOBEX® electronic trading system and through privately negotiated transactions. The Exchange offers futures and options on futures in four basic product areas: interest rates, stock indexes, foreign exchange and commodities. The stock of its parent company trades on NYSE under the symbol CME.

  • Eurex - Eurex is the world's leading futures and options market for euro denominated derivative instruments. Its electronic trading platform provides access to a broad range of international benchmark products. With market participants connected from 650 locations worldwide, trading volume at Eurex exceeded 801 million contracts in 2002, surpassing the previous year's total by 19 percent. With 524 million contracts traded and cleared at Eurex in the first half of 2003, the exchange continues on its growth path. Eurex Clearing AG further offers central counterparty services for instruments traded on the Eurex exchanges, Eurex Bonds and Eurex Repo as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra and floor).

  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) - HKEx is the holding company of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited. It brings together the market organisations which have transformed Hong Kong's financial services industry from a domestically focused industry to the global player it is today. HKEx went public in June 2000 following the integration of the securities and futures market. As a listed company, answerable to its shareholders, HKEx competes vigorously for opportunities in the region and around the world. It is a market-driven business, operating business-driven markets.

  • International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) - The International Petroleum Exchange of London Limited is a Recognised Investment Exchange. It is Europe's leading energy futures and options exchange. The IPE provides a highly regulated marketplace where industry participants use futures and options to minimise their price exposure in the physical energy market. Over $2 billion daily in underlying value is traded on the IPE.

  • Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) - Its mainstay are hard red winter wheat futures. In 1999, the exchange traded more than 2.3 million wheat futures contracts, equivalent to more than 11.6 billion bushels, setting an exchange record. KCBT wheat futures have a record of consistent growth, and volume in 1999 was twice that of 20 years earlier. Options on wheat futures were introduced in 1984, and record options volume was traded in 1999. Options provide still another pricing tool for the grains industry and provide unique risk-management benefits to wheat producers. In addition to its important role in wheat, the KCBT also is a leader in the financial markets. The KCBT was the first exchange to trade stock index futures contracts when it launched Value Line® futures in 1982. Stock index futures extended the risk management benefits the KCBT helped pioneer in grain to the holders of stock portfolios. The exchange introduced options based on the Value Line® in 1992.

  • Korea Stock Exchange - Operates and manages a securities market where such cash and derivatives products such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, stock index futures/options and individual stock options are traded. In terms of trading volume and capitalization, the KSE is ranked the 10th in the world.When the KSE opened its market in 1956, there were 12 listed companies, and the market was dominated by bond trading. However, the KSE grew rapidly in a short period, owing to the government policies aimed to develop a capital market that supports the national economic development plans and to promote the corporations to go public.

  • London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) - Euronext.liffe is the international derivatives business of Euronext, comprising the Amsterdam, Brussels, LIFFE, Lisbon and Paris derivatives markets. It was formed following the purchase of LIFFE (the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange) by Euronext in 2001. Euronext.liffe is the world’s leading exchange for euro short-term interest rate derivatives and equity options. It also offers a greater choice of derivatives products than any other exchange: it offers futures and options on short- and long-term interest rate products, on equities, indices, government bonds and commodities.

  • London Metal Exchange (LME) - The London Metal Exchange (LME) is the world’s premier non-ferrous metals market, with highly liquid contracts.  It is an innovative Exchange, whilst maintaining its traditional strengths in a modern business environment. It remains close to its core users by ensuring its contracts continue to meet the high expectations of a demanding industry.  As a result, it is highly successful, with a turnover value of some US$2,000 billion per annum. It is a major contributor to the UK’s invisible earnings, responsible for more than £250 million in overseas earnings each year.

  • Marche a Terme Internationale de France (MATIF) - Since 1986, MATIF has offered an extensive line of derivative financial instruments that enable investors to actively manage risks related to movements in interest rates. And to address the needs of participants in European markets, it now proposes a full range of euro-denominated futures and options on interest rates, with maturities ranging from 3 months (3-month Euribor) to 30 years (30-year E-Bond). In terms of commodities, MATIF contributes to the development of the farming and agribusiness sectors with its rapeseed and milling wheat futures. It also designs and markets new products on a regular basis as part of its expansion strategy.

  • MEFF Financial Futures and Options Exchange - MEFF is the futures and options Spanish official market. MEFF clears and trades Options and Futures on Bonds, Interest rates, and the IBEX-35 index and Futures and Options on the leading Spanish Stocks.

  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE) - Since 1881 the Minneapolis Grain Exchange has facilitated price discovery in the volatile commodities markets, providing a valuable risk management service to producers and consumers around the world.  Futures and options contracts in hard red spring wheat, Hard Winter Wheat Index (HWI), National Corn Index (NCI) and National Soybean Index (NSI) comprise the Exchange. The hard winter wheat, corn and soybean futures and options are financially settled against the spot Hard Winter Wheat Index, the National Corn Index and National Soybean Index, calculated by DTN.

  • Montreal Exchange (ME) - Find general info on the exchange, its mission, and history, plus quotes and indexes, market records, press releases, FAQs, and listed companies.

  • New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) - The site includes a trader's corner, trader's library (historical & reference information), industry specific commodity reports.

  • New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) - The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange and the preeminent trading forum for energy and precious metals. The Exchange has stood for market integrity and price transparency throughout its 130-year history. Transactions executed on the Exchange avoid the risk of counterparty default because the Exchange clearinghouse acts as the counterparty to every trade. Trading is conducted through two divisions, the NYMEX Division, home to the energy, platinum, and palladium markets; and the COMEX Division, on which all other metals trade. The Exchange pioneered the development of energy futures and options contracts nearly 25 years ago as means of bringing price transparency and risk management to this vital market.

  • Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) - Includes info on its history and organization, plus guides to futures and options trading. Also find news, market data, and listed companies

  • Pacific Stock Exchange (PCX) - The Pacific Exchange (PCX) is a marketplace where individual and institutional investors, professional broker-dealers, and registered member firms meet to buy and sell options on more than 1,200 stocks. It is one of the world's leading derivatives markets. Founded in 1882, the Pacific enjoys a long-standing reputation for technological innovation. It was the first exchange in the world to build and operate an electronic trading system. It developed a new, more efficient method of clearing and settling securities trades that has been adopted by exchanges worldwide. It was the first U.S. stock exchange to demutualize, establishing PCX Equities, Inc. as a for-profit, corporate subsidiary of the Pacific Exchange in 1999.

  • ParisBourse SA - Site officiel de la bourse de Paris (actualités, introductions, indices, cotations, historique des cours).

  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) - Philadelphia Stock Exchange Website features latest market data, quotes, and listings for stocks, equity options, sector index options, LEAPS, and FLEX issues. Includes market news, stock and options activity, information about the PHLX and its publications, plus educational and reference resources.

  • Singapore Exchange - Singapore Exchange (SGX) is Asia-Pacific's first demutualised and integrated securities and derivatives exchange. SGX was inaugurated on 1 December 1999, following the merger of two established and well-respected financial institutions - the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). On 23 November 2000, SGX became the first exchange in Asia-Pacific to be listed via a public offer and a private placement. Listed on our bourse, our stock is a component of benchmark indices such as the MSCI Singapore Free Index and the Straits Times Index.

  • St. Petersburg Futures Exchange - Premiere Russian exchange in four markets: currency, government securities, corporation securities, commodities and futures & options.

  • Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) - SFE Corporation Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 16 April 2002. SFE and its subsidiary companies provide exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) financial services to institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region and globally. Fully electronic and with 24-hour trading capability, SFE offers the financial market community trading products for investment and risk management, disseminates real-time and historical trading market data and provides centralised clearing, settlement and depository services for both derivative and cash products.

  • Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange (TIFFE) is a membership entity, established in April 1989 under the Financial Futures Trading Law of Japan. The purposes of TIFFE are to provide a financial futures market and conduct clearing services for its members and their customers. TIFFE has been constantly characterized as the youngest and more innovative exchange in Japan and has been making every effort to strengthen its status and role as a mother market for Euroyen futures and Yen-related interest-rate derivatives and to introduce cutting-edge technologies and systems.

  • The Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE) - Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Inc. (WCE or the "Exchange") is Canada’s only agricultural futures and options exchange. Situated in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, the historic centre of North America’s grain trade, WCE operates under a mission to provide a public marketplace for responsive price discovery and risk transfer of commodities with efficiency and integrity.





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